kūrvieta, peldvieta

English-Latvian dictionary. 2013.

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  • place — n. & v. n. 1 a a particular portion of space. b a portion of space occupied by a person or thing (it has changed its place). c a proper or natural position (he is out of his place; take your places). 2 a city, town, village, etc. (was born in… …   Useful english dictionary

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  • bathing ghat — /ˈbeɪðɪŋ gat/ (say baything gaht) noun (in India) a place at the river s edge where people come to wash. {bathing + ghat} …   Australian English dictionary

  • Public bathing — Ruins of a Roman bath in Dion, Greece, showing the under floor heating system, or hypocaust …   Wikipedia

  • Mixed bathing — is a term that refers to members of the opposite gender swimming together in the same pool. In ancient Rome, mixed bathing was never the rule in public installations, although it did occur in private facilities.[1] Today, in Japan, the practice… …   Wikipedia

  • Sea bathing — is swimming in the sea or in sea water. Unlike bathing in a swimming pool, which is generally done for pleasure or exercise purposes, sea bathing was once thought to have curative or therapeutic value. It arose from the medieval practice of… …   Wikipedia

  • Sunnyside Bathing Pavilion — is a landmark public pavilion in the Sunnyside lakefront area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Built in 1922, its original function was to provide changing facilities for swimming in Lake Ontario, however lake conditions were often too cold and an… …   Wikipedia

  • deep bathing — (DEEP bay.thing; th as in the) pp. Bathing with one s body immersed in the water from the neck down. Example Citation: Bathing in giant tubs that allow you to fully immerse yourself provides serenity for the body, mind and soul, says Carter… …   New words

  • The Women of Brewster Place (novel) — The Women of Brewster Place, (1982) is the first novel by noted American author Gloria Naylor. It was adapted into the 1989 miniseries The Women of Brewster Place and the 1990 ongoing series Brewster Place by Oprah Winfrey s Harpo Productions.… …   Wikipedia

  • Courthouse Place — Cook County Criminal Court Building U.S. National Register of Historic Places Chicago Landmark …   Wikipedia

  • Watering place — Watering Wa ter*ing, a. & n. from {Water}, v. [1913 Webster] {Watering call} (Mil.), a sound of trumpet or bugle summoning cavalry soldiers to assemble for the purpose of watering their horses. {Watering cart}, a sprinkling cart. See {Water}.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English